[Signal Proposal] Metaguides Revival

Here are a few things that could contribute to the revival and usefulness of the Metaguides as a sub-DAO of Meta Cartel.

Firstly, to continue as guiding grant applicants through the process, booking for pitch’s, helping with proposals, etc.
The next area that I feel Metaguides can be used is aiding in “post” grant access to the ecosystem in order to help the projects we have helped fund, succeed. Getting the word out, leveraging the Meta Cartel network, I think, would be of tremendous benefit. As such, in regards to this, I believe that the proposed Demo Daze fall under the purview of the Meta Guides, with aide from the main DAO in promotion. The process and booking of guests is already under way, with the first Demo Daze to be held on Oct. 14

The second part of this omnibus proposal is for the Metaguides to actually become a grant giving Sub DAO. Similar to Super Scouts, the Metaguides would ask for funding to be redistributed. I would like to propose an interesting method for awarding these grants. Recently, I have had the opportunity to run a test contest using Joke DAO.
The following is screen shots I took as I went through the process of creating a contest, submitting proposal and voting.

The way I can see this working, is a contest is set up and tokens are distributed to metaguides.
People would then have two weeks to submit proposals for a grant (say 2k).
After that, there can be a one week voting period.
Winner gets 2K, sent from the Metaguides safe on behalf of Meta Cartel.

Details for the specifics of a funding proposal for this will be done separate from this post as the intention of this post is to open the conversation.

Metaguides DAO


Would love to see it happen!
We always claim how MetaCartel’s value add is more so in the signal, making the projects a part of the network & opening more doors but imo we’ve been severely lacking in this regard over the past many months…
Time to bring it back?

Money without guidance = Unexpected problems.

We do need the meta guides in full effect, they have the power to help each grantee reach its full potential

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Metaguides Update

Demo Daze

The Metaguides have now held 3 twitter spaces with a fourth one on the way this Friday at 1:00 EST
The space are held using the Metaguides twitter account @_metaguides https://twitter.com/_Metaguides

This week we will have @kokonutnetwork and @CryptononymousEcon telling us about the Collab.land governance expansion bot.

Episode 1 Featured Hats Protocol with @spengrah @nintynick and David Ehrlichman
Episode 2 We had @danielo from RnDAO and jp4G from Battlezips
Episode 3 Was @CBobRobison from meTokens and G2 from @creative

The spaces events happen every two weeks. After episode 4, there may or may not be a 5th before the holidaze however there will be a break of aprox. 1 month before restarting in the New Year. If you wish to be a guest please reach out to @Christina Borrow Lucid to schedule. This offer is available for any Grant Recipient or for Meta Cartel members to come on and tell us about projects they are working on.

Or if you would like to contribute in anyway please reach out. We could use help cohosting, graphic design for promo material, POAP design, technical assistance during spaces event (looking after recordings, watching msg channels, accepting guests on stage), guest research). Oh yeah, there are no funds to pay its for the frens we meet along the way. Maybe we can fundraise eventually if it becomes a necessity, which it probably will at some point.

Metaguides Discord Server and PM Boards on Charmverse

Keeping everything in order for Demo Daze requires a fair amount of organization. With that I set up an instance on Charmverse to manage the event. You can see it (and join it) Here

As I was working on the Charmverse page I also became interested in gating access to the pages to DAO members, that led me to create a number of things.

  1. I created a new Discord Server for the Metaguides. I felt this is important as it allows the Metaguides to operate as a DAO with a little more independence from The Meta Cartel Server. This will hopefully add to efficiency in planning the spaces events and any other events or functions the Metaguides choose to enable. If you would like to join the server it is located here. After completing onboarding (more on that in a minute), Meta Cartel members and Metaguide DAO members have full access to the server. There is also roles and access levels for “Guild” members and Grant Recipients.

  2. In order to provide access control mechanisms to the server, I decided to test out guild.xyz. This worked very nicely to create roles that are able to read member shares in both Meta Cartel and The Metaguides DAO. It is also set up to look for an NFT that grant recipients can claim that will give a level of access to grant recipients and any team members from recipients that wish to take part in the conversation. This enables the created Discord server to not only act as a Metaguides communications hub but also a meta hub for grant recipients to interact with each other and both grow and strengthen the Meta Cartel Ecosystem. You can see the Guild.XYZ setup here: https://guild.xyz/metaguides

  3. Questchain NFT for Grant Recipients (and DAO members if you wish to have one). In order to solve for allowing team members have gated access to areas of the server, beyond the single share granted to recipients a quest to “prove your grant” (or prove you DAO membership). You can see the quest to mint the NFT here: Metaguides Access - Gnosis Chain In the future it may be preferable to have a different method, preferably without leaving Discord, to mint a “Proof of Grant” NFT, this option was one of the better ones I was able to locate. Perhaps this will be a very good use case for the afore mentioned Hats Protocol

DAO On-boarding Design

As I started doing this I realized I was creating a basic model for DAO design using some of the most cutting edge Web3 tools available. Soon, much of it may be redone to reflect DAOhaus v3 if the Metaguides choose to go that route. This “experiment” stops before creating a DAO from scratch, as there already is one. If someone would ever like any help learning to summon a DAO on DAOhaus, I am always willing to do that. Reach out to me and we can book a time.

If you would like to try out the onboarding flow for yourself start here: https://app.charmverse.io/share/metaguides/page-3087387685820464
If you do it, and you find any problems in the process send me a message here or on Discord @boilerrat#8898
Forgive the difficult nature I have in joining the Metaguides Discord Server. I get hung up on server security and do everything I can to ward off bots so servers I set up, can be a bit of a pain to onboard onto but it is not without purpose.


Thank you again for having us on your twitter space. I plan to invite you also to our podcast once we have it up and running :pray:t5:

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Here’s something I’ve been working on for the Metaguides which I hope can be of good use for the Meta Cartel Ecosystem and I think is a good demonstration of the value that Metaguides can provide, finding the right connections so that the ecosystem is sustainable and holds value for members.


This website was created using logseq. Without getting into the details of how to navigate logseq, the end result is it creates a graph of all the “connections” that were made over the course of entering data, which is words in this case. If anybody would like to contribute to the site, a good way would be to clone the repo here and import the graphs into your own local copy of logseq. If anyone is interested, I could walk you through it. The other option would be to submit an issue in the repo and I will make the changes.

As an example of it’s usefulness, lets say you want to see a list of all the known Github repos in the ecosystem. From the main graph (https://www.metaguides.fun/#/graph), you can click the “Github” node
Which takes you to this page: https://www.metaguides.fun/#/page/github showing a list of all the repos entered into the system. (This is still a WIP)

I hope it is useful.

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