Meta Cartel on Twitter Spaces

I would like to offer my services to help organize a regular Twitter Spaces for Meta Cartel. This time would be given to interviewing and receiving demos of projects that are of interest to Meta Cartel. This could be:

  • Projects that have recieved grants.
  • Projects Meta Cartel Members are involved in.
  • Projects that are of interest to Meta Cartel Members.

If I’m being honest, follow up on projects after they have received grants has been lacking. This is understandanble, due to time constraints in our weekly meeting and everybody’s busy lives in general. Follow up hasn’t been a key goal. I am not saying this is right ot wrong, what I am seeing though is a missed opportunity to help give exposure to projects.

Often times, money is a secondary concern for grant applications. We have seen a number of applicants more interested in the exposure that connecting into the Meta Cartel ecosystem can give them.

So the main idea behind the spaces would be to reconnect with projects and get updates in their progress. Now obviously, that would lead to a fairly finite number of episodes, so to expand on it, it could also be used as a space for Meta Cartel members to strut their own feathers for projects or events they may be running.

Twitter spaces (is free) allows for “walk-by” traffic that is unavailable for Discord calls. We would have the added bonus of exposure ourselves, with the hope of potentially attracting new members.

I am offering to help organize. I can reach out to projects and handle scheduling. I would also be willing to take on the front end and run the actual spaces. Preferably this wouldn’t be me though and if anyone wanted to offer some time to help with that, that would be great.

If it sounds like a good idea I will get it going and probably start it after mcon. If people would like to help organize, promote, host, be a guest, provide tech assistance, lmk.

As far as schedule goes, in order to build an audience there will need to be somewhat a regular drum beat, but not overwhelmingly so, so I’m thinking every two weeks for now, more or less depending on outcomes. Friday is my best (only) day I could do it. If I stay on backend, any day would do.


Every time we found something “interesting” we can give them a POAP reward and then send them to a gated discord channel to continue with the “process”.

I can help with any back-end stuff. Research, create a “status” data table, and things like that.

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I love to talk and conduct interviews, and could work on research.

Very nice and good idea, also the POAP rewards will keep the community engaged I believe. I am pretty new to all this, and could not pick up one POAT in Voxels, did not work…and I tried it really hard. big Smile


@boilerrat - super excited about this and looking for any updates/progress here that I may assist with.

Briefly mentioned this in Proposal: meTokens - The DeFi "Fair Launch" of Personal Tokens as meTokens was a MC grantee that would be great to follow up and hear about our progress in DeSoc since 2020 and how more MC members can organize. Also @carlfarterson is our lead engineer, also a MC member.

Perhaps leading up to DevCon we can host a Twitter Spaces, or after DevCon we can host a Spaces on DevCon wrapup/Road to ETHSanFran

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