🎉 The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

Hi Y’all,

I’m Zach. Currently with ConsenSys on their investment side as a design strategist and co-running the Relays program.

If you want to see more of my work, my folio is up-to-date, and when I’m not designing Web3 products, I’m writing and sometimes drawing weird comics like Abducted (issue 5 launching in a couple of weeks). Always happy to talk shop (design, product, leadership, crypto), so HMU on Twitter or Telegram if you wanna chat. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the wild west friend :partying_face:

:fire: Oh HI everyone! (How I never said HI in here until now is beyond me)

I’m Simona - Bounties Network cofounder, Community Engagement at OST and Pepo+ ETHScholars program lead, Marketing Dao, MetaGammaDelta, 1Million Devs

I’ve been getting a lot more involved with MetaCartel endeavours recently, running learning sessions for the Dragon Quest hackathon, contributing to Meta Game and generally weaving some of the MC projects into the work I do for the ecosystem.

Find me on Twitter at Sim_Pop if you haven’t already or Discord (simona pop#3265) - always up for interesting collaborations in the service of adoption.



Hey everyone! Myself is Manolingam from Tamilnadu, India (commonly known as Saimano), a freelance full stack developer working along with various web3 communities for the collective good. Am a MetaGamer, Apprentice at RaidGuild and recently hopped into the MetaCartel Community after taming some Dragons from the DragonQuest Hackathon.

Maybe I can rewind the tape for a little history about me. I haven’t still figured out a proper self intro yet :smile: So kindly bear with me.

It was two years back when I first heard about Bitcoin and was amazed by the value the digital currency owned. My early intention was just to hold some Bitcoins and be a millionaire once it’s price goes up (crazy enough though). I couldn’t buy as the prices were too high, so I tried mining with my PC which I later realized is not gonna work with hash rates over the roof. And that’s when I started to dig around the technology & even started learning intense programming.

I took the Blockchain Developer Nanodegree program from Udacity which gave me a good kickstart. From there, I chose Ethereum as my primary blockchain platform and went on further with it. I learned web2 for web3. Eventually, I became highly passionate & curious about it. Ethereum and Web became my primary area of forte. I also do some blender, alexa and machine learning (AWS Deepracer) for fun.

Adding to it, I was never fond of the current system (education. economy, governance, etc) & always thought it needed to be redesigned. But didn’t know what exactly is wrong and how to fix even though blockchain seemed to be the solution. Because I didn’t had the wisdom on how to connect the two.

And I was never surrounded by like-minded people to share ideas & learn from each other (except the people in Omni wallet where I was interning earlier). These kind of stuff I talk about felt odd/useless for most of the people around me. So, I was more of a lone wolf kind of guy living in a world of mine. I knew there are comminities like MetaCartel but didn’t join as I neither had the $$ to pledge nor the practical knowledge. So, I spent time in acquiring atleast some minimal level of wisdom for the MetaVerse & then set a sail deeper into ethereum reading about DAOs, Defi, Tokens, etc. And then came this MetaGame which helped me a lot to navigate.

Also, by the time, DragonQuest was announced and I decided to take part in it. Infact, that was my first ever hackathon which also came to be my first ever web3 hackathon. It was a good ignition phase for myself to get hands on with projects. And after the end of dragon quest, @pet3rpan invited me to join the MetaCartel Telegram Community. And here I am in the forum too.

Well, that’s it. A little history on me. Not a great one though but that’s what I am :slight_smile:
And if I still interest you, here’s more about my presence.

Also, glad to have been here!


:wave: :cowboy_hat_face: :metal:

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Hi everyone! I’m Nich and I started out in the space as a community coordinator and content creator (mostly technical/educational) - more recently I’ve been hacking on some stuff as well. I’ve gotten to know the community through MetaGammaDelta, MetaGame, and some initiatives that have started during the pandemic like MetaSpace and DragonQuest.

Some highlights and things I’ve worked on:

:calendar: Led developer-focused events with UNICEF, OmiseGo, MakerDAO, EF, Status in Bangkok

:woman_technologist:t2: Learned to buidl through ConsenSys’ Developer Bootcamp. My first ever dapp was CryptoFPL - a P2P fantasy football game powered by ERC-1155 tokens. I then served as a mentor for students in the following cohort

  • notalink://github.com/nichanank/crypto-fpl

:open_book: Contributed to learning resources like Mastering Ethereum and cryptoeconomics.study

:rhinoceros: Started Last of Ours - an NFT project that aims to fund wildlife conservation NGOs

  • notalink://spiritcreatures.io

:unicorn: Was an EF Scholar for Devcon V

:zap:Worked on Peer Stream as a solo effort for DragonQuest. The app allows freelancers to get on a video call with clients while they are streamed money by the minute - it uses Sablier and 3Box. I also wrote a tutorial for how to make Sablier-powered apps

  • notalink://medium.com/sablier/how-to-build-a-sablier-powered-dapp-cee47eb648dc

:memo: Other crypto-related and miscellaneous content at nichanank.com

My main project right now is Last of Ours, which has me thinking a lot about NFTs, the metaverse, games, and working with NGOs to get wildlife-related content to back the NFTs while we fund conservation efforts with sales proceeds. I’m interested in how we can design communities that thrive off collaboration, freedom and open-source work, and have really enjoyed spreading knowledge through writing and workshops.

Before I entered the industry I worked as a tech recruiter for Instacart and ThoughtWorks, so I’m excited to explore what web3 enables when it comes to future of work and allowing people to pursue their potential in a borderless way. I read through MetaCartel’s manifesto and am really pleased to see how much our values align! I got a chance to get to know some folks through DragonQuest and really impressed with how talented and willing to help everyone is.

Looking forward to meeting more of you :slight_smile: :v:t3:


Hello everyone,
I am Abhimanyu, I started in Ethereum because of hackathons, then eventually moved into the the Ethereum space. I work on a unique tech-stack in this space, which is Flutter+web3 (also Flutter+Cosmos Network). Recently won the MetaCartel DragonQuest Hackathon with a project that is going to help people from brazil in this COVID-19 crisis with Juliana, Bruno and Manank.
Currently, I am working on an app that can be used to facilitate the process of delegation and governance on any COSMOS based Network.

Some of the highlights:-

  1. Recently worked on MiPasa a project that got backed by WHO, IBM etc. for blockchain-powered validated COVID-19 data.
  2. Been a scholar to Hyperledger Global Forum 2020.
  3. Won a lot of bounties in Gitcoin hackathons with my rare tech-stack of Flutter + Web3, you can stalk my Gitcoin profile or my Github.
  4. Won honorable mention in EthIndia 2.0, won DAOHack prize and nuCypher bounty as well.
  5. I am Consensys Labs Realys alumni.
  6. I have some minor contributions to Ethereum Foundation.
  7. I also happen to be Co-founder of Ethify Labs.
  8. I have been mentoring High School Students as part of Government of India’s initiative, I am among the only 12 selected mentors for the program.
  9. Lastly, my first contribution to the Ethereum world, I started with contributing to a Static Solidity code analyzer called Slither.

I have worked on projects involving Matic, FOAM, Blockstack, WalletConnect etc. so I guess I can say I have somewhat decent experience in Ethereum space.


Hello everyone,

My name is Manank, I also started in Ethereum because of hackathons along with my long time teammate @abhimanyu121, then we started doing bounties and participating in hackathons on Gitcoin as we found it to be a great way to polish our skills, learning about new projects coming on Ethereum as well as earning some money.
I also have experience with Hyperledger Technologies. I have been an intern for The Linux Foundation where I contributed on Hyperledger. Recently I won the MetaCartel DragonQuest Hackathon where I worked on Favela Sem Corona with other team members. I also grabbed two bounties from Gnosis and Burner Wallet.

I am also a co-founder of Ethify Labs along with 5 other very talented developers where we help others take their product ideas to next level by helping them out with Ideation to implementation.

Some of the highlights -

  1. Recently worked on MiPasa a project that got backed by WHO, IBM etc. for blockchain-powered validated COVID-19 data.
  2. Was the youngest speaker at Hyperledger Global Forum 2020.
  3. Been a winner at 5+ hackathons on Gitcoin and others not on Gitcoin. Participated and won Consensys Relays.
  4. Won EthIndia 2.0, along with DAOHack prize and nuCypher bounty at the event.

Looking forward to be a part of this community, learn more and have fun.


Greetings All :yin_yang:

Tristan Eric Roberts aka 0x…D469 reporting in

Drawn to crypto through UBI activism when I lived in DC…

Past several years I’ve been dreaming about the decentralization of science…
…drawn towards a timeline where humanity’s knowledge production is under collective ownership

Research Collective is a Wyoming non-profit/Aragon DAO hybrid.

We envision a network of expert DAOs to…

  • enhance the signal from the noise in science
  • clean up the research chemical supply chain
  • act as an anchor in the web of trust, so that knowledge markets can truly blossom

The DragonQuest helped narrow down what is needed and possible now

‘covidresearch’ is the Research Collective’s first subDAO. As of this transmission, it has approved one 3Box profile offering COVID testing kits and anti-virals, as well as one article indicating that smokers are underreported in COVID hospitalizations. This is all visible on the project created for the DragonQuest: https://researchcollective.io

A legal hacker rather than a lawyer, I am a member of the LexDAO, and have been working on the strange magic of hybrid entity formation with Etherize, which is powered by OpenLaw.

Deeply eager to weave together the offerings of MetaCartel, Aragon, and OpenLaw for wider audiences in both ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ jurisdictions.


Hello all!

This is Andrew. I used to be an Accountant/Financial Analyst working in the City of London and I quit my job to go full time Ethereum :slight_smile:

I started by taking part in the most recent Consensys Bootcamp. My final project was a prediction market based around NFTs (https://t.co/0IMQesNDzt) which I will be releasing on mainnet in the next few weeks.

Since then I have attended two hackathons, Eth Turin and of course the Metacartel one, getting 3rd place in each.

Currently taking part in Hack Money building a no-loss betting platform.

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Hey everyone,

I’m Seth Goldfarb and I’m a writer who helps companies tell better stories about blockchain and its applications.

I’m 1/4 of Team Hakcers and we took 2nd in the MetaCartel Dragon Quest with Alfred, a decentralized cryptocurrency inheritance solution. The dApp lets you enable your assets to be transferred to another wallet or wallets when you fail to check-in using the customizable dead man’s switch.

The rest of the team should be introducing themselves soon but to give credit where it’s due, the rest of Team Hakcers includes Morgan Sherwood, Aaron Anderson, and Ken Hodler.



I’m Ken Hodler and hold 1/4 of Alfred’s soul in my Ledger Horcrux, with Seth Goldfarb, Morgan Sherwood, and Aaron Anderson holding the rest. I did not participate in the Metacartel Dragon Quest due to time constraints (other than few very minor contributions), but followed along as Alfred nailed it!

My background is in software engineering, primarily front-end focused, but I’m comfortable hacking in back-end and embedded device code as well. I have been around the cryptocurrency scene since 2011 and have worked in the industry since early 2015. I was an early contributor at KeepKey and became it’s CTO when it was acquired by ShapeShift in 2017.

I left that job at the end of 2018 so that I would have time to pursue a masters degree and summon other projects. I’m 78% through the Msc. Digital Currency program at University of Nicosia. I have also had the opportunity to work on a handful of early stage products in defi such as Alfred. When I can, I participate in hackathons because they’re fun and it’s super cool building and getting feedback on PoCs so quickly. I have been on two teams that won a prize in the last year. Alfred emerged from one of those teams.

I recently had an academic paper published by the University of London that examines the impact of Schnoor and Taproot on address clustering analysis on Bitcoin. It was also circulated internally at Interpol among cybercrime investigators. The same set of authors is in the process of doing a privacy analysis of P2EP.

Interesting coincidence: Alfred was summoned as a Wyoming based LLC/Aragon DAO hybrid with the help if Etherize and Tristan. Recommended.


Hello all,

I’m Aaron Anderson and I rolled a shaman character for this IRL playthrough. After grinding out some levels in the church, military, and corporate zones, I reached the endgame content in the web3 expansion where my team buffs and focus effects have been beneficial for other player characters.

Groups I’ve teamed up with include Alfred, Ching!, BlocX, web3devs, MakerDAO Com-dev, Burner Wallet (EthDenver 19, 20, & DevCon5), and Pluracle (EthBuenosAires 18).

Like others have said in this thread, my path here was divinely inspired. Decentralization is key to our survival and propagation throughout the galaxy. And unfettered access to base reality is a fundamental right of conscious beings.

“Don’t fight forces. Use them!” -R. Buckminster Fuller, 1932


Hey everyone!
Juliana here. I’ve been in the Ethereum ecosystem for the past 2 years. Met Metacartel back in July 2019 in a crazy party in Berlin. But got closer to most of you at ETH Denver.
I’m the summoner of Meta Gamma Delta,
YouTuber at It’s Encrypted! (new subscribers always welcome: https://www.youtube.com/c/JulianaPassos),
Community Manager at ETH Devs Sao Paulo,
Developer and Creator of dPlasma & Favela Sem Corona,
Flutter Developer, Beach lover, Ski junkie,
Some curious facts about me: I worked in Wall Street during Lehman Brothers collapse, my country had 7 different currencies, I lived in the Bahamas and was a triathlete (2009-2018). I studied Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s in London.
I’ve been a developer since 2019, and really happy to be an awarded hackathon winner at DragonQuest. It means the world to me :wink:


Hey there, been wanting to get involved with Metacartel for a while! I’ve come to work and chat with members of the community quite often, but didn’t really know where to start contributing myself. So I’ll start with an intro!

  • Worked @ Aragon for a year, mainly as a program coordinator for the —now defunct— Flock and Nest grant programs
  • My current projects
    • Joined the researchcollective team to keep hacking on their expert DAO for COVID related things
    • Thinking and writing here, real id here
  • I can write, coordinate, connect people. I can organize projects and I’m working on my technical chops as well these days hacking on stuff.

Currently I’m focusing on determining the different types of value that make DAOs and online communities appealing and sustainable. Also looking forward to concrete use cases for ExpertDAOs in things like journalism and activism.


Arriving from DragonQuest hackathon discord:

I would like to give any interested members of the Estonia DAO squad a chance to join the MetaCartel DAO. Once we decide how many of you are interested in joining we can figure out how much DAI vs DAO shares to dish out.

mars-avatar 16mb

:estonia: Estonia DAO

I was working on Estonia DAO because it is a bridge betweed real-life and on-chain world. Estonia is a small (less than 1.5m) digital society and they have capacity to implement this in practice.

Check the hackathon submission: https://estoniadao.org/hack

Change the law, change the game, change the incentives for humanity.

I actually wrote a book called “system change”: https://genesis.re/book

And the recent talk:

:desert_island: BaseX island

Starting from the business plan and cashflow, companies do not run on karma and good vibes. Still researching legal structure and progressing on all the fronts. Just got a reply from a law firm, €1000 + VAT and some other ongoing fees just to have a meeting is uncool, my research continues.

:love_letter: Mailhustle

Parallel to that is :love_letter: https://mailhustle.com analyzing 15 years of my email history, uncovering relationships from the past. Currently there is no AI ML NLP involved, only doing some basic math, how many emails in and out. Longer term I can totally building my AI avatar and my AI avatar doing business with your AI avatar.

I’ll use :love_letter: https://mailhustle.com to promote https://basexisland.com that’s why these two can run in parallel… Many other crazy ideas that I put on the backburner to focus on my attention on the stuff that truly matters and falls within my jurisdiction. For example:

:ukraine: Land in Ukraine: https://github.com/marsrobertson/one-life-true-self/issues/36

:tokyo_tower: 5G citizen science: https://genesis.re/citizenscience

I have a background as a web developer, this is “selling time for money” way of generating income, 10k on StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/users/775359/mars-robertson

I code some solidity too, I’m just too busy with projects to refresh my CV, the hustle on the island consumes most my attention…

I’m a member of Peter Diamandis Abudance Community, I promote exponential mindset and effective altruism.

My ETH address: 0x85A363699C6864248a6FfCA66e4a1A5cCf9f5567 or dearMoon.eth

It’s not about the price, it’s about this guy: https://dearmoon.earth/

Of course, I want to fly to the moon with artists!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marsrobertson/

Follow me on Twitter too: https://twitter.com/marsxrobertson/status/1254323877183983617

My biggest skill: connectedness

Connecting and integrating various worlds, dimensions, entities, people, modalities… I’d be greatly honoured to join the DAO, join the forces, go beyond exponential!

Hello everyone, I’m BruceTheGoose, a cryptoartist and NFT enthusiast attempting to build a NFT creation platform that also holds a number of other useful features, and a list of creative resources and other NFT projects that align with our vision or that our community would take an interest in. For more about me, or about the project, check out linktr.ee/brucethegoose :smiley:

Hey all,

I’m Joe, part of our Aragon. Most of my time is spent on finance related matters from token listings to treasury management and tokenomics.

I’m also part of Estonia DAO which was a recent Dragon Quest hackathon winner. With Estonia DAO, we’re aiming to connect the 70k+ e-residents from around the world to a DAO and lobby for legislative changes using a DAO.

Look forward to meeting everyone and spending more time in this amazing community.



I’m Dan. I’m a DAO maximalist. Been watching the space since the BTC whitepaper. I got involved with trading in May 2015. After liquidating my crypto holdings at the height of the boom (and paying most of the gains to the IRS thanks to Coinbase losing that court case / being required to report my account) I started running DPOS nodes and developing. In mid-2018 I sold everything I owned, moved to Europe, and started focusing exclusively on DeFi. My wife, kids, dogs, and I spent 8 months living in Croatia (relatively near PETH) and now live in Tallinn, Estonia. I was a digital nomad before the virus hit and look forward to being one again.

My experience in DeFi / DAOs:

MARKETProtocol - lead engineer
LSDai - Berlin 2019 hackathon win
Pi-Rate $HIP NYC - First hacker in residence
HoneyLemon - Team member
MetaGame - Early lurker, Diamond member through donation
EstoniaDAO - Tech and Legal teams
BaseX Island - Pledged member, ground team Estonia :desert_island:
AuditDAO - Founder
PanDAO - Co-Founder (stealth mode)

I’ve obviously been circling MetaCartel for a while and am looking forward to getting more involved. It’s hard to encounter a cool project in the space without seeing the dancing chili pepper and / or Peter.



I’m Matthias, been around the space since TheDAO and working in the security space. Lot’s of start-up experience, including a recent exit. I am here for something very hands-on: How to setup a DAO-powered community with the target to allow people to find their individual perfect place to live. Consisting of scouts, builders and of course the ones looking for something perfect.

I got sparked by the new evolution of Metacartel: https://medium.com/metacartel/metacartel-is-evolving-️-350a64b39f3c

Looking forward to whatever is next on this road, and please reach out to me in case you are interested to share your insights or to join/contribute in one way or another.

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