Wrapping up MCON Expenses

Since the close of MCON a few bills have come back unpaid, the remaining budget for Ocean Exile on the MCON and MetaCartel narrative documentary ($4500)

Denver Chair and table budget for ($4020)

Will be processing a proposal for that amount to shore up these remaining expenses related to the event.

Also, I would like to request 5 more share per MCON for my sweat labor on making it all happen.

~ 5 share for MCON #1 + 5 shares for MCON #2 = 10 shares (DAOhaus Prop)

~ Roughly 7 ETH (DAOhaus Prop)


Where are the sponsors for these expenses?

5 shares per MCON?

Does this cover the MCON website or do we expect another installment?

I have not received an invoice for the MCON website yet, so yes there will be one more expense related to that. We might be able to roll it over to next year, but that remains to be seen.

The sponsors money was spent on the event, unfortunately there are always some lingering costs associated with events like this and with the drop in ETH prices it did not pan out to cover exactly everything ; (

But this is our event and it has proven to be more beneficial to the entire community than 10 grants of $10k, so let’s not short change it, especially since the money has already been spent on the services rendered.

For reference, previous organizers were given 15 shares for their efforts running a virtual conference DAO Funding Proposal: InterCon & RESET EVERYTHING

15 DAO SHARES each for both @pETH @AlexMasmej

For helping run/organize the virtual conferences (many were involved but this is just a gesture to highlight these efforts + to recognize them for their leadership)

Didn’t you get paid to do the event? It was a great event and you did an amazing job, you should be paid in something and if you were not paid I understand asking for shares but if you were then 10 shares seems high. especially because that makes you a whale compared to everyone else

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It would be great if we could amend this proposal to include the work done for the MCON 2 website.

I’ll let you determine who should get shares for MCON2 as i was not involved in the website build this time around.

i’d support the proposal for covering expenses, but I don’t think the 10share payout for work done is fair for the same reasons Dekan outlined

I think 5-7 shares would be a more equitable ask considering the work that others put in to helping organize without getting any share payout.

There was no budget for my work. Not to mention the tax liability for taking on all this crypto and running it through my personal account, I should probably tack on another 20% on top of that…

You cannot amend a proposal to give shares to multiple people, if those people want shares they can simply request them and let others vote, this is the power of DAO after all ; )

To your other query @jonathanp did in fact get shares for his work in 2021, JP Proposal, I would expect him to make another proposal to the DAO this year for shares & work but I just have not seen one yet :person_shrugging:t2: I’ll ping him.


Yup, I did get a share for last year’s work – that was how I initially sweat in! Thanks for following up.

I’ll put up a new proposal for this year to wrap it up.


Awesome, I will vote in favor of that proposal :raised_hands:t3:

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Bro you already got 7 shares for mcon1. maybe thats a mistake… did you forget about prop 46? I want to give you the benefit of the doubt.

For the 7 eth.. can you explain what bill that is going towards please? The one you've posted is much less than the current price of 7 eth. Thanks! I'm a bit disappointed that we said no to sponsors and now we have to put more cost on the cartel (like I predicted would happen months ago). But I think its also unfair to ask Yalor or any conference organizer to pay himself because of a small accounting or organizing mistake. We live and learn

@DamagedGoods just reminded me of the same thing actually, I had completely forgotten about the MCON 1 shares so feel free to vote that proposal down, unless of course people think it’s worth the 10 shares. It was like double the work of MCON 1 so :person_shrugging:t2:

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Here is the final invoice for videography work.

Would be supportive of giving you another 7 shares for MCON 2 work.

Next year we should probably try to build a buffer for some of these post-conference expenses from sponsorship funds, so that MC doesn’t end up the funder of last resort and any surplus can just be given back to sponsors pro-rata or donated to public goods.

Voting in favor of paying these expense, since we already used these vendors (and on Peter’s suggestion that we’ll get auto sponsorship for MCON 3)

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Thanks Bill, I’m gonna pause asking anymore shares for the moment. Until after creating some more value with the existing pods. As of now people are aligned with the new direction of pods and that’s good enough for me.