DAO Proposal: Dragon Quest 🐉


MetaCartel is a global community with a remote-first focus.

We believe that the best teams and builders come from every part of the globe thus a virtual hackathon is the perfect way to welcome humans from anywhere to team up, learn together, and build cool stuff.

A common misconception around the world is that ‘hacking’ specifically means coding or software development. This is simply not true, and to prove it we’re inviting all types of hackers to join us on this quest. Whether you’re a designer, illustrator, artist, writer, philosopher, blogger, marketer, game designer or hold any of a plethora of other skills, we want to help you build on Ethereum!

The remote format of Dragon Quest will set a new standard for virtual events. We will engage a diverse and global audience to support and sponsor their development of the Web3 ecosystem. To learn more please check out the following resources:


The end deliverable will be a MetaCartel Virtual Hackathon format that can be deployed on demand. We have already started executing prelaunch to coordinate volunteers and engage with hackers. The event officially kicks off April 1st and we will have content and workshops throughout the month. The hackathon lasts 30 days and will conclude with prizes in early May.

This also allows the community of MetaCartel ecosystem Dapps to get loads of exposure to hackers and deploy bounties inside the Discord.

Funding Request

  • 55 DAO shares

These funds go toward internal operations of the virtual event, marketing, content creation, community management, wrangling judges and sponsors + reflection posts for the Dragon Quest “what did we learn?”

  • 50% at the acceptance of this proposal.

  • 50% at the close of the event.

Plus many. Figuring this out is essential for the Web3 space to move beyond cool side projects into a global movement that’s part of people’s everyday lives. How are you going about engaging a wider audience with diverse skillsets, and how can we help with those efforts?

Also, are these shares for the general bounties and sponsorship, operations, or both? Oh, and are these for you or the DQ team (if that’s even a thing)?

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Just running through some of the numbers here, 55 DAO shares is the most shares ever requested from the DAO, obviously Dragon quest is a :fire: initiative, however from my perspective 55 DAO shares is too many. Especially when considering that these shares are going to fund internal operations as opposed to funding the prizes themselves.

From my perspective somewhere closer to 25 DAO shares would be more reasonable. Also, how will the funds actually be split? Will you be taking all of the shares or will they be split to anyone else contributing to the setup?

We’ve been working towards reaching into ESL communities on the fringe of Web3, jumping in telegram groups and channels asking for a warm invite and collaborating with our sponsor communities to promote the event. TBH I would like to see more Meme/Art/Viral video submission bounties but MC can’t sponsor all the winners and the bounties for things like that. I think something that would be great is community bounties that we allow many orgs to sponosor, things that benefit the entire eco-system. We’re actually in talks with EF about doing some bounty sponsorship but that’s TBD. Lastly the first request you mentioned was for funding the winners, this request is for funding the organizers !

Yeah so this was a preliminary pitch to support the internal work of organizing and running the hackathon, there are some other folks who I would champion to get funding from this as well like @ManuAlzuru and @Callum but I am it’s owner. At the end of the day one person needs to be responsible for making sure things get done, and for something that runs for about 2+ months from pre-launch to completion I don’t think 2500 a month is too much to ask. If you would like to see a breakdown of who gets what I would be happy to do that.

Cool. Would be great to see more collaboration across borders, esp language borders. This is really important because if the real barrier to entry to crypto for people is not just fiat gateways, but also learning english, then we’re going to have a hard time changing the world. Starting to engage local communities and having them be part of the growth of Web3 is essential to ensure that the new worlds we build are inclusive and welcoming for all.

That being said, do you have any metrics and/or proof-of-outreach in this direction? Website translations, blog posts in multiple languages, signups that list a primary language other than english, etc…

Yeah the world would stop without DRIs. Thanks for leading the charge.

It’s all relative, but 2.5k a month seems very reasonable - esp for a team. Metafuel (also awesome) recently requested twice this amount (also reasonable). That being said, it’s all relative so let’s break down what’s happening concretely:


  • ~ 2.5 - 3k (depending on ETH price)
  • Opportunity cost of not doing other things


  • Two months of work from multiple people on a project that has reached (and united!) communities all over the world
  • Shilling MetaCartel’s good name to the broader crypto space
  • Uniting many hackers and designers and builders to collaborate towards moving forward the Web3 space
  • Enabling 5-10k of grants funding from organizations to support said global community of hackers
  • 5, 10, or more promising projects/teams that will emerge from the event
  • Positioning MetaCartel as a leader in our bold new remote first digital world
  • Learnings from the experience to move towards more sustainable and/or impact events in the future

Seems reasonable for 2.5 - 3k (depending on ETH price)

That being said, I’d also be curious to see a breakdown of the spending.

Would also be keen to see a post-mortum evaluation of the hackathon and how MC can improve for hackathons like this in the future.

Hey @burrrata thanks for making those very valid points, after consulting with other peeps who are helping organize this event I’ll offer the following breakdown for these shares.

7% floating amount held for future contributors.

7.5% to @Callum for blog post support and hack idea generation.

7.5% to Zach Herring (championing him as a new member into the DAO) for his help with blog post and judging submissions.

10% to @pet3rpan for overall administration, launching event Github, outreach to sponsors, arranging calls.

18% to @ManuAlzuru for setting up the hackathon website and his continued support adding and updating sponsor details.

50% remaining to myself for all the things (event admin, sponsorship, wrangling, discord moderation, blog posts, community outreach, promotion, etc etc) I could go on but let’s start there. The final floating amount of 7% mentioned above could go to any extra contributors who pop up along the way or could be divided up among the existing helpers if they end up contributing in a more impactful way over the next few weeks/help with retrospective article after event closes etc.

Let’s also consider this “post-mortum” evaluation and learning’s written out and maybe published to MC medium included in the above funding request. Does this answer some of the hanging questions people had ? provide more clarity ?

I hope so, I want to keep doing awesome things for MC and I hope we can see the value in funding these community facing events like Intercon, Dragon Quest, and many more :rocket:

[**Edited 4/7, 4/9 ** The above amounts are not set, just a starting point for the community to get a more granular POV of spending]

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Yeah that sounds great. As mentioned earlier, I think that the potential impact of the event far outweighs the ask.

Also, would recommend reserving 5% of the pool for unaccounted/new contributors. So 60% to you and 40% to everyone else contributing. Beyond the post-mortum post, it would also be cool if we had a strategy to bring Dragon Questers into the Metaverse, esp MetaGame, after the hackathon - but that’s another topic that we should discuss on the MetaGame forum to earn XP lol

Once again, thanks for taking the lead on Dragon Quest and making it happen :dragon:

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Are people feeling better about this ? @JamesW anymore questions or can we move forward with an on-chain proposal ?

I’m gonna move forward with the proposal and put the entire distribution under my address as to avoid paying 6 separate proposal fees for this.

Proposal on-chain https://pokemol.com/dao/0x0372f3696fa7dc99801f435fd6737e57818239f2/proposal/113

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Dragon Quest update showcasing much awesomeness :dragon_face:

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@Yalor It’s your destiny…

I remember that there was an allocation of funds across all DAO members

I donate my portion to @Yalor for his great work on this


V generous sire, I’m holding funds in DAI atm but will distribute to the members as specified above once I change back into ETH.

All done !

Final payouts reflected in this spreadsheet big thanks to @ManuAlzuru , @zherring , @Callum , @burrrata for pitching in to make the event awesome. Special thanks for @Darren and @pet3rpan who donated their portion to me for event mgmt :red_gift_envelope: