MetaCamp in Costa Rica

I am happy to help facilitate, creating a daily schedule, and organize Yalor. I can offer team building/bonding work, yoga, meditation, breath work, sound healing,and my oracle-ing :wink:

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Amazing - I am there :pray:

I’m down - happy to rep VentureDAO

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Hey folks! Would love to support - I live in Costa Rica - about an hour from this property and am in MGD - so would love to help in any way you think could be useful - esp. onsights things, etc.

Hey @eraz that’s great news, so we’re going to take reservations from DAO’s to attend the event. I would sync with MGD to ensure that they are down to allocate one of their 5 spot’s to you for attendance.

Once we open the MetaCamp DAO we’ll take official reservations by a deposit of $5000 DAI from each attending DAO, which Includes 5 spaces for attendance. As of now it looks like @nich and @MoneyMage are confirmed but I’d like to see if Zayi, Holly, Juliana, Kseniya, Alex (aave), Nadia (makerdao), and Anna are available interested to attend. In the interest of Increasing diversity and creating stronger bonds with our DAO dames I think we could extend the capacity for MGD.

If you could get hard yes/no from these folks and begin the proposal approval process that would help immensely :pray:t4:


I would like to propose we kick-off the first organizers meeting of MetaCamp next week on Thursday ( 11am PST (can adjust up or down by an hour if needed)

Will add @Jeremy @vengist @Sky @victorrortvedt / then @Organically_Rich @RHolmes as additional support so we can dial in on the DAO’s needs vs organizational needs.

Goal: Create an outline for the flow of the event, proposed timelines, launch the DAO on xDai, discuss budgets, sponsorships, and other details that will need to be hammered out in the next few months.

Please DM me your email if you don’t get an invite for this event :spiral_calendar:


:point_up_2:t2: imagine this, an organized Yalor :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh my Goth, what a heavenly place :heart_eyes:

Definitely in - will be there

My friend was telling me that they recently stayed in an Airbnb in Washington state that had starlink and it was super fast so maybe we pay for that a satellite receiver is 150 and it’s about a hundred to $200 a month for service. I’ve been excited to try out the starlink service

Super stoked for this . Thanks yalor

This sounds super awesome!

I do have a few questions before I vote yes on the 5.5 ETH funding proposal and consider signing up.

EDIT: somehow I missed that there’ll be an organizer’s meeting on Thursday. I’m looking forward to hearing what gets discussed then!

1. What is the 5.5 ETH meant to cover?

  • I know it’s early, but would it be possible to get a breakdown of roughly what those funds will go towards?
  • For example, is the idea to cover attendees costs for the week? If so: given that space is restricted, I’m not sure how I feel about asking the 111+ members of MC to cover costs for around 1/4 of members to attend (pretty sure I’d feel that way whether or not I attend)
  • Overall, I’d love to get a better sense of whether the 5.5 ETH (currently valued at around $15,700) will be sufficient to pay for expected costs, or whether we’d expect additional funding proposal(s) as well.

2. Can we get a little more clarity on the “itinerary”?

Again, I know its super early and I don’t think anybody expects a fully fleshed out agenda at this point. But I’m interested in roughly what the activities would be.

  • For example, currently the most detail we have is around the wellness activities. Roughly how much would be focused on those activities vs. other activities/objectives/outcomes.
  • How much would be emergent vs. scheduled, specified, or outcome-oriented?
  • What would/could those other activities/objectives/outcomes be?


Hey @spengrah great questions, so the structure of this is event is intentionally loose to allow for emergent design to occur (ala: MCON) we created loose timelines for people to follow and a highly curated group of attendees then stood back to let the people do what they do.

The budget specifically is to book out the location in Costa Rica and all USD costs associated, as well as hiring the folks needed to execute the event (Documentation, Content, Facilitators, Activities Coordination) and to cover the cost of sending those members who are able to attend.

As you said I’m doubtful that more than 1/4 of the members would be able to come, but the goal of the event is to come out of MetaCamp with a new vision and inspiration for what we can do with DAO’s. That is what I believe MetaCartel should be “investing” into and the investment would be shared by members of other DAO’s that choose to attend as well.

I don’t foresee MetaCartel needing to add anymore funds to the pool for this, but in order to begin planning for myself and staff I need the funds to be in a DAO (these funds are not just going to sit in my wallet FYI) the DAO will be formed and we will opt’d new members into the DAO to help with coordination and logistics of the event from now until the beginning of the event.

This is still in discussion but my original thoughts was that we would invite a subset of DAO contributors to pledge to the DAO, say 5k for 5 members and those folks would attend the event, participate in the discussions, activities, and benefit from communal nature of this gathering. They can then take those learnings, content, playbook back to their DAO’s to implement and roll out their own gathering or team-building program.

Sure we could hire some “business coach” people to come and tell us all about how to work better as a team, but as with everything we do I think we should define it for ourselves and lean on the community to create these resources that can benefit DAO’s and the people in them.

The Itinerary will come from our early explorations and interviews that we’ll begin hosting in the coming weeks, we don’t intend to create a prepackaged gathering or another “conference” so we don’t have any details yet, this will be an immersive experience based on the needs and desires of DAO’s at large and the humans who represent them.

I can say that in terms of breakdown of time slots I will propose a 30/30/30 division of time spent:

  • 30% Facilitated workshops, circular discussions, identifying key needs and gaps in the DAO landscape/our DAO’s, solution building, documentation, & outcome based brainstorming.

  • 30% spent on fun guided activities we can participate in as a group (wellness activities, surfing lessons, volleyball, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, day trips into town, local arts & cultural experiences) using a simple sign up board.

  • 30% emergent events, spontaneous co-working, rotating topics of discussion, other types of attendee driven programming, free time for working or reflecting.

So that’s a starting point, again think of this as a grant that has a tangible outcome not just a week on the beach paid for by the DAO :desert_island:


Totally jazzed for this + finally meeting IRL! would love to rep MGD here.
What a stellar location…w abundance of community design options! :relaxed: :desert_island: :sun_with_face:

+1 to repping VentureDAO with you!

@Yalor and I just had a really good chat. I was having some nagging concern about the potential impact of this event on the health of the MC community, so we discussed and I think we ended up in a really good place.

So first off, thank you to @Yalor for hearing my concerns and actively thinking through ways to address them! :pray:

Second, I’m going to summarize the main concepts that we discussed, and then @Yalor is going to follow up with some of the more operational approaches to best align with those values. Here goes:

  1. In-person, intimate events are an irreplaceable venue for generating ideas, momentum around executing on those ideas, and creating closer relationships among the participants.
  2. However, when capacity is limited and a large portion of the community cannot participate, there is a risk of creating hierarchy within the community based on the strength of relationships developed among participants, which is not desirable within a DAO and community like MC.
    • A worst case scenario would be if many MC members want to participate and arbitrary cuts have to be made :fearful:
  3. Having the number of (credibly) interested participants drive capacity limits (ie choice of venue) – rather than the other way around – may help alleviate risks stemming from #2.
    • (A consideration for future events only, since the ball is already rolling on the present event.)
  4. Having the decision to participate include multiple factors beyond simply “I want to go and I have the time” may also help alleviate risk stemming from #2 by creating a more natural set of participants.
  5. The more events like these take place, the more members can participate in and experience the benefits of at least one, which would also help alleviate concerns stemming from #2.

Much love!
:hot_pepper: :hugs:


Thanks for highlighting these points and spending the time chatting with me @spengrah they are definitely valid and worth trying to mitigate.

What we discussed on the call was the concept of creating a commitment structure that would allow members of the DAO to be on equal footing when applying to join.

After reviewing the budget for the event and the necessary staff it’s apparent that 15k won’t cover everything we want to do so it makes sense to create a ticket price for the event and allow the interested members to make their pledges :money_with_wings:

If you pledge within the following windows

  • Oct - Nov 30th = $600

  • December - Jan 31st = $800

  • March - Event start = $1000

This means any current MetaCartel DAO member can ape into the DAO MetaCamp right now for $600 xDai, which covers all expenses on site, a shared bungalow, activities, all meals / snacks, transportation to and from airport.

If you don’t hold shares in MetaCartel you need to apply using this Typeform, which the current the organizers will start reviewing in November / December.

To clarify there are 51 spots available at this space, your room will be a shared room 3 ppl per bungalow, you are welcome to choose your roommates in advance or leave it to chance.

If you Ape directly into the DAO on xDai please post your transaction here so that I can keep a count of the amount of spots left for partners.

~ Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Let the pledging commence, I am the first official attendee of MetaCamp because I just pledged :checkered_flag:

Don’t you want to join me ?

Make your proposal today 600 xDai tribute and 1 share for governance :ballot_box:


@Yalor // Many thanks for the invite to the MC Forum and this thread. It was wonderful and epically refreshing what the community created at MCON. Great energy and coordination.

I’d be happy to contribute my skills and time to support the team with the social design, plan, and documentation of MetaCamp.

I’m a social design ethnographer by trade, focused on social digital culture with emerging and social tech. Much of my work has been focused on social leadership and learning through org design. So, how we can lead more socially together, what language and practice we need to evolve (let go of) to free us up to do lead socially, and how are we supporting the learning of others in this.

Here is an overview of some past projects.

My process involves the documentation of human gatherings and events (photos, videos, conversational, observation), social digital assets (e.g., public and private forums), documents (e.g., admin, planning, marketing), etc. Deliverables are usuaill agreed in advance and can include reports, decks, workshops, process guides, apps, platforms, etc Throughout the process it involves posing questions and mirroring back learnings during discovery.

Let me know if you and the team want a call, or I can attend your first organizers’ meeting, listen and offer up any suggestions or ways for the next steps.

Congrats again on MCON.

I completed the Typeform. :heart:

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