🎉 The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

Hey @all - I am Laszlo and I am doing my best to become a helping and supporting part of this great community, I am super passionate about Crypto and all the possibility that come with it. Not being a lonesome ranger makes it definitely much more fun.
I was born and raised in Austria, a beautiful country by the way! For 4 years I am a super proud Daddy, and it is time to fight the moloch. I believe I am very open-minded and open to things that have value, and DAOs have a lot of value!
Used to work as a Webdesigner since 1998, In the last few years I honestly have been more Daddy than anything else, and I can say that watching my son, having no fear or preconceptions about anything thought me so much!
Sometimes I have pretty good ideas, but to get them from A to B never happens, could happen that I start and invest time and money into it, but never get it finished. Hope to find the help and know-how that is needed to finally get to B. Keep this a secret I do not want my son to know.
With all my passion, thanks for this opportunity

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Hey everyone, I’m 0x4d4n Adán. A few taglines to get started: I’m a “hold my ginger beer, I think I can make this work” kind of hacker | like Deadpool, but with code | :burrito: enthusiast | crypto since 2012.

My web3 journey began recently when I met a few of ya’ll in Costa Rica at MetaCamp. I was invited by @zakku who I met through a mutual friend. My quick afternoon at MetaCamp I briefly met @vengist @yalor and many other intelligent, kind welcoming people who are making a change which inspired me.

I just attended my first MCON where I got to reconnect with those mentioned above and continue to meet more and more of ya’ll IRL like @0xJoshua and @tae which further primed me to want to join the MetaCartel ecosystem to contribute.

Hobbiez: Fermenting things. Growing plants. Being in nature. Helping others.

Past lives: Record store owner and DJ. Front end / backend hacker. Indentured servant to the man: designing and implementing mission critical hardware/software solutions for 911/Fire/EMS call centers and jails for county wide operations in the US.

I Ragequit the US and moved to CR over a decade ago. Been freelancing, helping spin up several startups, pet projects, web dev, and improving the local community as opportunities arise.

I look forward to expanding my web3 and DAO knowledge and contributing to the ecosystem while meeting more like-minded individuals in this community; building and slaying Moloch.



Stoked to have you here, it was a real pleasure getting to know you better at MCON 2 :fire:

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Hi everyone - my name is Adam. I came across MetaCartel a couple months before pet3rpan came on my podcast, and every since I’ve been trying to stay up to date on what’s happening in the community.

If you attended both MCONs, then I may have smoked you out and helped you tap into your artistic side during our Paint & Bake side events co-hosted with Dystopia Labs.

I run the podcast ‘Mint’ which actively documents the web3 creator economy 6 days per week, publishing content across my audio channels, newsletter, and Twitter. I’m also building a blockchain analytics tool called Bello.

I’m in the following DAOs: ForeFront, FWB, Overstimulated, lilnouns, rehash, mClub, Seed Club, GCR + more.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about tokenized media and free NFTs.

Oh and I also play the drums.

Happy to be here.

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Hey everyone, I’m Ellie, a data-loving full-stack developer building an analytics platform for Web3 creators called Bello.

Happy to be here!

Twitter - @elliefarrisi


Hi @levy and @elliefarrisi glad you guys stopped by.

You could try to smoke me out sir, it’s only ever happened once :leafy_green:

Welcome @elliefarrisi . I see you.